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Regular Service

Perhaps you simply need somebody to check and adjust your chemistry weekly, or clean your pool so it's always in good shape. Or you're going out of town for several weeks and need somebody to check on your pool so you don't come home to a green nightmare. Call us so we can help you keep a safe and fun pool. 

Installation and Repair

Or maybe you need something a little more complex... Your chlorinator is leaking, your heater won't heat, your pump just makes a grinding noise, and your 15 year-old filter shoots more sand than water into the pool.  Don't worry, we know this!  While we don't build pools or repair their underlying structures, we can service just about any part of your system. 

Pool Opening

Opening a pool can be tricky since you don't really know what condition it's in until you pull back that cover. No pool is ever very clean when it's first opened - it can take days or a week for the water to become clean and safe. Key to making that happen is a well-functioning system and good water chemistry. That's what we do - we get your system running and the water balanced so your filter and chlorinator and pump can all do their jobs and you can operate your pool with minimum startup hassle. 

Pool Closing

We also offer to take care of that most tedious task: closing your pool. What should take a couple of hours on a Saturday turns into an all-weekend project because there's always one more thing. A return plug lost over the summer, you need another gallon of anti-freeze, you discover your winter cover is ripped... and it all has to be taken care of or you risk destroying your equipment or pipes. In closing your pool, the mission is twofold: to protect the system from freezing and to prepare the pool for as easy and straightforward an opening in the spring as possible. We provide the know-how, the equipment and the confidence that your closing is done correctly. 

Some of Our Services

  • Weekly water checks
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Equipment repair
  • Liner replacement
  • Safety cover installation or replacement
  • Pool opening
  • Pool closing
  • Conversion to salt system

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